Dog (狗-Gǒu)

Represents loyalty, honesty, intelligence, and reliability. Dogs are believed to offer protection and good fortune.

Loyal and honest Dogs, you’ll find a strong sense of community and integrity at NCHU. Our focus on ethical leadership and collaborative learning aligns with your values, offering a trustworthy and supportive environment for your educational journey.

NCHU spots we recommend for you

Small Auditorium

The Small Auditorium at NCHU frequently hosts various lectures, performances, and events. This venue is not only the heart of the campus’s cultural life but also a platform for students to showcase their talents and share their creativity.
The openness and multifunctionality of the Small Auditorium resonate with the loyalty and bravery traits of the Chinese Zodiac Dog. The faithfulness and courage represented by the Zodiac Dog are embodied in the atmosphere of the Small Auditorium: students here bravely express their ideas and creativity, stay true to themselves, and build trust and respect within the campus community. The Small Auditorium is more than just a place to appreciate cultural activities; it’s a stage for students to display their personal talents and courageously pursue their dreams, as encouraged by the spirit of the Zodiac Dog. It serves as an ideal space for students’ self-expression and personal growth.