"Ultimately, enrolling in NCHU has been a decision I am immensely thankful for. The privilege of pursuing a quality education here is something I deeply appreciate, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue my higher education in such an esteemed institute."
Katalistia Yong
BA, International Bachelor's Program of Agribusiness
"There are so many valuable experiences while I study in NCHU, Taichung. Firstly, I have gained specialist knowledge of my subject through the courses, seminars and conference that are part of my master study. Secondly, I have acquired specific technical skills relevant to my study and improved valuable academic and work-related skills."
MA, Institute of Genomics and Bioinformatics
"NCHU in Taiwan is an exceptionally attractive option for prospective international students. Several reasons, involving experienced and proficient English-speaking instructors, a conducive learning environment, adequate facilities, diverse international student activities, and scholarship opportunities, make NCHU an outstanding and meaningful choice."
Meilia Natalia
Ph.D, Department of Business Administration
"The neat and beautiful city layout makes travelers from various countries feel at home traveling in this boba city, one of which is that I am a Muslim, I can easily find a mosque in this city, and I don't worry either, because Taichung has various halal food choices in several corners. city easily. "
Achmad Roghib Mabrur
MA, Master Program for Agricultural Economics and Marketing


MA, International Master Program of Agriculture