"Here, innovation meets tradition, and diversity is not just accepted but celebrated. The university's relentless support for research and its robust network of global partnerships offer a world of opportunities for scholars to flourish. NCHU is a place where one's passion for learning and making a difference in the world can find fertile ground."
Vo Nguyen Thi Minh Trang
PhD, Applied Economics

Nguyen Thi Huong Giang

BA, Department of Accounting

"I came to Taiwan for studies since 2018, and it has been nearly 6 years now. Throughout this journey, I have never regretted applying to NCHU, where I have been nurtured from a high school student to a young graduate with a master's degree."
Kien Minh Tran
MA, Department of Business Administration
"For me, NCHU is not just a second home, but also a place that connects me with people from all over the world. I meet and get to know more friends, absorb more knowledge in life. Moreover, NCHU is also a place that helps me find joy and happiness in life again. And I feel that is wonderful. Until now, I have no regrets about choosing to become a member of NCHU."
Chen Ai-Sin
BA, Marketing

Dong Thi Bich Tien

BA, Department of Chemical Engineering

Phong Tinh Nhu

MA, Marketing Department

"The university’s cutting-edge facilities and resources have been invaluable in conducting experiments and collecting data for my research projects. The collaborative research environment at NCHU has allowed me to work alongside fellow students and my professor on projects that address pressing agricultural challenges, further fueling my passion for my field of study."
Trac Luu Van Thong
PhD, Department of Hoticulture

Thi Trang Thanh Nguyen

Ph.D, International Ph.D Program of Agriculture

Linh Ta Thi Thuy

MA, International Master Program of Agriculture