Goat (羊-Yáng)

Symbol of creativity, intelligence, and a calm demeanor.

A creative and compassionate Goat will find a welcoming and nurturing community at NCHU. Our emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and social responsibility resonates with your gentle nature, providing a space where your artistic talents and empathy can flourish.

NCHU spots we recommend for you

Horticultural Therapy & Education

The Horticultural Therapy Garden at NCHU is an innovative space dedicated to green therapy. It features a variety of areas such as a herb garden, an aquaponics system, a flower breeding zone, and therapeutic green walls. Additionally, the garden has outdoor spaces for therapeutic activities, actively promoting the concept of horticultural therapy.

The harmonious and healing nature of the Horticultural Therapy Garden complements the gentle and peaceful spirit of the Chinese Zodiac Goat. The garden offers a tranquil and soothing environment, much like the calmness and peace associated with the Goat, providing warmth and comfort. Through interacting with nature, people can find mental healing and balance. The Horticultural Therapy Garden is not just a place to learn and practice gardening but also a green haven for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind.