Horse (馬-Mǎ)

Known for its energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent, and able characteristics. The horse is associated with freedom and speed.

Energetic and free-spirited Horses will thrive in the dynamic and diverse environment at NCHU. Our wide range of extracurricular activities and vibrant campus life aligns with your adventurous spirit, offering endless opportunities to explore, engage, and excel.

NCHU spots we recommend for you

Chung Hsing Lake

The renowned landmark of NCHU, Chung Hsing Lake, is a vibrant and peaceful place, designed in the shape of the map of China, with two smaller ponds representing Taiwan and Hainan Island. The lake is surrounded by beautifully planted flowers and trees, and is home to flocks of ducks and geese, providing a perfect space for students to relax and unwind. The sense of freedom and openness that Chung Hsing Lake exhibits aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Chinese Zodiac Horse. Here, students can enjoy the freedom to explore the beautiful corners of the campus, reminiscent of a horse running freely, and enjoy leisure time beyond their studies. Chung Hsing Lake is not only a highlight of the campus but also an ideal place for students to find balance and inspiration amidst their busy academic lives.