Monkey (猴-Hóu)

Represents cleverness, curiosity, and inventiveness. Monkeys are known for their ability to problem-solve and think logically.

Monkeys, with your intelligence and curiosity, NCHU is the perfect place to challenge yourself and expand your horizons. Our innovative programs and dynamic academic environment will keep your agile mind engaged and encourage your inventive spirit.

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The gymnasium at NCHU is a modern and multifunctional sports center, offering spacious sports facilities, various fitness equipment, and professional training amenities suitable for a wide range of sports activities and training.
The versatile and flexible nature of the gymnasium aligns with the intelligence and agility of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey. The Monkey symbolizes wisdom, dexterity, and adaptability, qualities that are reflected in the gym’s diverse range of sports and training methods. Whether it’s team sports or individual fitness, the gymnasium provides a perfect environment for students to stimulate their ingenuity and agility. It’s a place where they can exercise, strengthen their bodies, and enhance their physical condition, embodying the spirit encouraged by the Zodiac Monkey. This gym is an ideal place for developing both physical and mental agility, allowing every student to find joy and challenge amidst vitality.