Rat (鼠 - Shǔ)

Known for intelligence, adaptability, and quick-wit. Rats are seen as a sign of wealth and surplus in Chinese culture.

Are you a quick-thinking Rat? At NCHU, we provide a dynamic and innovative environment where your cleverness and adaptability will thrive. Here, your natural curiosity and sharp intellect will lead you to groundbreaking discoveries and academic excellence, perfectly aligning with the Rat’s quest for knowledge and success.

NCHU spots we recommend for you

NCHU Museum of Natural History

The College of Life Sciences’ Museum of Natural History at National Chung Hsing University boasts a rich collection of animal and plant specimens, gathered over sixty years by the faculty and students of the Department of Life Sciences. The museum’s extensive collection and its commitment to educational outreach embody the diligence and wisdom of the Chinese Zodiac Rat.