Rooster (雞-Jī)

Known for being hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented. Roosters are very confident about themselves.

Confident and ambitious Roosters, NCHU offers you a competitive and enriching environment where your talents can shine. Our commitment to excellence and leadership development aligns with your natural drive to succeed and lead, helping you to achieve great heights in your academic and future career.

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The NCHU Mart is an innovative platform that combines academics with practical experience. The store primarily showcases products related to the university’s research and industry-academic cooperation achievements, including a variety of collaborative education products like NCHU Fresh Milk, Huisun Coffee, and also actively explores and promotes high-quality new products. It also provides a practical training ground for teachers and students, where students learn basic business management and sales skills, and get hands-on experience in business operations, achieving a perfect integration of theory and practice.

The NCHU Mart particularly emphasizes cultivating students’ diligence, self-discipline, and industry knowledge, traits that highly resonate with the characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Rooster – hardworking, self-disciplined, and productive. The diligence and efficiency represented by the Zodiac Rooster are key elements of business success. At the Internship Store, students grow actively in the business field through continuous effort and discipline. It not only provides theoretical knowledge but, more importantly, offers students practical hands-on experience, laying a solid foundation for their future careers. This industry-academic cooperation model allows students to learn and grow in a real business environment, preparing them extensively for their future professional paths.