Snake (蛇-Shé)

Represents wisdom, intelligence, and self-control. The snake is also associated with mystery and sophistication.

If you’re a wise and thoughtful Snake, you’ll appreciate the intellectual stimulation and rich cultural experiences that NCHU offers. Our focus on deep learning and critical thinking complements your quest for knowledge and understanding, making it the ideal place for your academic journey.

NCHU spots we recommend for you


The coniferous forest area at NCHU, so-called Schwarzwald, is a place filled with mystery and natural wisdom. This dense forested area provides a unique learning and exploration environment, allowing students to gain a deep understanding of ecosystems and the workings of nature. The versatile and profound wisdom of the coniferous forest area echoes the mystery and intelligence associated with the Chinese Zodiac Snake. Here, students can explore the secrets of nature with agility, much like a snake, uncovering the wonders of ecology and treasures of scientific knowledge. The coniferous forest area is not only a paradise for nature enthusiasts but also an ideal place for students who yearn to find inspiration and knowledge in the great outdoors.