Tiger (虎-Hǔ)

Represents bravery, confidence, and competitiveness. Tigers are considered to be powerful and daring, often acting as protectors against evil spirits.

Tigers, with your boldness and leadership qualities, NCHU is your arena for excellence. Our diverse programs and opportunities for innovation cater to your courageous spirit and desire to stand out. The university’s vibrant community will inspire you to unleash your full potential and lead with confidence.

NCHU spots we recommend for you

NCHU Kang-ti

Kangti, located behind the NCHU’s sports stadium on the embankment, is a place where students can ride bicycles, stroll along the river, practice kayaking in the central waterway, or enjoy picnics and sunbathing on the grass. Here, you are free to explore new knowledge and actively participate in a variety of academic and cultural activities. The spirit of Kangti, characterized by its eagerness to explore and determination to act, perfectly embodies the bravery, confidence, and competitiveness of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger. At NCHU, let the inspiring environment of Kangti propel you forward, like a tiger, to carve your own path to success!